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Sunday Meditations: Inclusivity

Modern scribes write, “In Jesus Christ
Everyone is free”
And the doors open wide to all straight men & women
But they are not open to me
And who is teaching kids to be soldiers
To be marked by a plain white cross
And we kill just a little to save a lot more
The philosophy of loss…

Whatever has happened to anyone else
Could happen to you & to me
And the end of my youth was the possible truth
That it all happens randomly
Who is teaching kids to be leaders
and the way that it is meant to be
The philosophy of loss.

–The Indigo Girls, “The Philosophy of Loss”

The church is standing in the way of God’s grace. The United Methodist
slogan of opens minds, hearts and doors continues to be the salt in the
wounds of gay Christians who refuse to leave the church and the faith
they love. For thirty-six years the church has ignored the unconditional
love of God by rejecting our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.

–Monica Swink, Board Chair of the Reconciling Ministries Network (last Wednesday evening after the vote in Fort Worth)

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