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Sunday Meditations: Respecting Different Faith Traditions

It is an enlightening excursion, this wandering into the spiritual insights of other whole cultures, other whole intuitions of the spiritual life. It depends for its fruitfulness on openness of heart and awareness of mind. But the journey is well worth the exertion it takes to see old ideas in new ways because it can bring us to the very height and depth of ourselves. It can even bring fresh hearing, new meaning to the stories that come down to us through our own tradition.

–Joan Chittister, Welcome to the Wisdom of the World

“Tell us what you got from enlightenment,” the seeker said. “Did you become divine?”

“No, not divine,” the holy one said.

“Did you become a saint?”

“Oh dear, no,” the holy one said.

“Then what did you become?” the seeker asked.

And the holy one answered, “I became awake.”

–Sufi story

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