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General Announcements – 9/17/09

We are excited to announce that we will now be using our blog at (you can also link to it from our website) to keep you updated on all the amazing things going on here at Trinity and around Austin in general.  You will notice that email updates look a little different, utilizing links to the blog to give you additional information rather than including it all in the email.  This will allow you to have immediate notification of important dates and information, while also allowing you to access more information on the topics in which you are interested. 

You will also notice a ? symbol by things in both the email and print updates, as well as in the newsletter.  This symbol indicates topics that have more information on the blog. Trinity Events, Austin Area Events, and Trinity Community Connection will all show this symbol, and more information on everything listed under these headers in the updates/newsletter can be found on our blog. 

Please give us your feedback on this new method of communication as you begin to utilize it more so that we can continue to improve!

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