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Hand-painted, custom-made greeting cards by Lori Harvey

I’m so grateful and excited to have gotten such a  positive and tremendous response from Trinity folks regarding the cards and paintings I’m offering for the holidays.   Whether you’re interested in ordering one card or a box of cards, I’ll need your order and payment as soon as possible in order to have the cards available for holiday mailing. I will be available before/after all three services to take your orders. 

If you want to order but can’t pay or put down a deposit at this time, I still need to take your order now  and we can work out the rest.  If you want to order something and don’t have the funds,  I’ll do whatever I possibly can to work something out with you. The collection of designs and cards you saw Sunday are aptly titled the “Trinity Collection” as each piece is truly inspired by the individuals and collective spirit of this congregation. It’s  very important to me that anyone at Trinity who would like to own any piece of that collection be given an affordable opportunity to do so,  as the collection wouldn’t exist without each of you . So please don’t hesitate to talk to me about bartering, gifting, or sliding scale options that will enable you to obtain the card, painting, ornament etc. that you are drawn to,  

Also, PLEASE SHARE ANY IDEAS you may have of other word-of-mouth ways to offer my products at such an early stage of the process.  I will have a catalog shortly to pass out to friends of friends etc. but I don’t have a mailing list or a lot of people familiar with my work yet and will be starting out  with person to person advertising and relying upon you and others who like my message to get the word out.   If you miss me at services, you can email me at  I have photos and descriptions of my products which are being made into a catalog right now that I can send to you if you don’t get a chance to look at them between services.  Also available by email, a description of  the products offered, and a collection of the customizing  option possibilities (card sentiments etc.) .
Thanks so much for your interest in my work  and for the inspiration that birthed the Trinity collection.  If my cards are a success and make it into store shelves,  a percentage of the sales will go to Trinity’s efforts to “wage peace” in our community. 

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