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Letter from the Trail – Kelli Hardin

Dear Sid & Trinity Family,

     A few days ago we celebrated 5 months on the trail, 1900 miles, and crossing the NH-ME border.  When I look back, it’s hard to fathom how we’ve come this far, but it’s the result of being willing to keep hiking and see where the trail leads.  Yesterday, we hiked a relatively short 8 miles into Andover, ME.  In the morning, we hiked up and over the Baldpate peaks, which were fogged in.  The morning was very still and quiet and lent a reverence to the day.   I don’t know if it’s me or Maine, but I’ve been keenly aware of the beauty and fragility of my surroundings, and my good fortune to be able to dwell in the experience of this journey.  It was too cold and damp to stop on the peak, but we walked slowly and stopped often to listen to the silence and watch the fog roll.  A half hour from the road crossing near Andover, we also stopped above Dunn falls to rest and listen to the water.  One of my favorite days on the trail so far.  Thanks so much for sending my resupply package to Stratton, and for all the prayers and well wishes.

Peace & blessings,
Kel & Gracie (woof!)

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