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Everyone is an Artist – Wednesday Night Alive

I wanted to pass along some additional information about one of the upcoming WNA classes (Nov. 4 – Nov. 18):

Live Creation Spirituality Principle 5 – Everyone is an artist. Art as meditation is a primary form of prayer for releasing our images and empowering the community and each of us. Join Kim Suvia as she helps us explore our own spirituality and beliefs through art. 
In this three class series, we will explore ways to create art as a meditative practice. We are invited to risk and move beyond judgements to allow the process to become a contemplative focus, nonverbal expression, and celebration. We may find meaning through symbolism and metaphor. We may find calmness in shifting to more right brain activities, and we invite the opportunity to engage in the sacredness of an intimate relationship with ourselves, of new ways of seeing, and with the energy of creation. 

We will discuss keeping an art journal, playing with exercises that encourage the creative flow, and using symbolic imagery. We will gather some of these images to include in collages or mandalas to create a piece of artwork that is personally meaningful.

Kim Suvia is an artist and practitioner of subtle energy therapies.  She has been in the field of holistic practices for twenty five years and through her business, "Creative Balance", offers private and group sessions in Jin Shin Jyutsu, EFT, and art exploration. 


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