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Social Justice Sunday Class Looking for a Few More People

  Hello Trinity!  We would like to invite others to participate in our Social Justice Sunday School Class.  We meet between the first two services every Sunday (about 10:25-11:10) and in the summer we meet before the shared service (this summer from 9:20-10:25).  We do not have homework and we work real hard not guilt trip you if you cannot attend every week!  We enjoy each other.  We are a sharing group.  We share our lives and our struggles to be creators of justice. Please drop by the class at the end of the hall sometime and get to know us.  We have read a book as a class but mostly we read a short article and talk about it.  Some of the recent things we have discussed:

What Women Want Now, A Time Special Report, by Nancy Gibbs Time Magazine10/26/09
Health Insurance Reform in Three Stages, by Nicholas Beaud
Changing Obama’s Mindset, by Howard Zinn The Progressive May 2009
The Rich and Powerful Can Avoid Risk, by Robert A. Johnson 
Five Ways of Looking at Risk in The American Prospect: Liberal Intelligence May 2009
A Strong Safety Net Encourages Healthy Risk-Taking, by Jacob S. Hacker
New Zealand Health Care Systems, by Jim and Janice
Policy Framing CD by George Laycoff
A James K Galbraith DVD

Our members bring things to share and we invite each other to various events and projects being sponsored by the outside groups we feel are significant.  Also we brainstorm things to put in a letter to President Obama every month.  If you have any questions you can contact me at or 784-2951.  

Deana Henry

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