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Trinity’s Annual Christmas Banquet, December 11th from 6-8 PM

As most of you know by now, Trinity’s annual Christmas Banquet will be on a Friday this year (December 11th from 6-8 PM) due to space conflicts. Even though we had to move the banquet from a Sunday this year, we are grateful for Tarrytown’s hospitality and generosity. It is a great venue! Here are some reasons why you should come:

  1. If fuzzy slippers and white clothing after Labor Day are accepted at Trinity, then whatever you happen to be wearing on Friday will be welcomed (smiles encouraged, birthday suits do not qualify as apparel.)
  2. It isn’t cheating if you get it from a store! Heck, many of us still don’t realize that cranberries come in a form other than canned-shaped gelatin… The rest of us are just grateful that we didn’t have to open the can! I promise no one will turn up a nose at anything brought through the door as long as the main ingredient is love (which can be easily sprinkled on top of store-bought food of any sort.)
  3. I promise you that no other entertainment around Austin can even come close to comparing to the amazing program we have in store for you. We’ve got the premier choir and children’s acting troupe in the nation performing live for you. We were fortunate enough to catch them early in their rise to fame and were able to book them for our event this year! You do not want to miss this opportunity so that someday you will be able to say you saw them before anyone else even knew their names…
  4. Trinity wouldn’t be Trinity without each and every one of you, so how can we have a party without each and every one of you there? We really do hope/pray/beg that you will join us.

P.S. – You are in luck! There are still several spots available for Table Hosts. Now is the time for all of you who were holding yourselves back in order to let others have an opportunity to step forward and be recognized. Just email me at to stake your claim!

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