News from the United Methodist Women

Part of our 5 Star Mission Work for United Methodist Women is to select a person to recognize with a pin and a gift to missions.  The pin is the emblem of the United Methodist Church with the cross (an ancient symbol of Christ) and the Flame (the symbol of Pentecost).  The members of Trinity UMW are proud to present this pin to Laura McMorris.  This is for Laura’s caring ways of helping in so many quiet areas–her concern for the people served by the Hope Food Pantry, for our UMW unit, and for the Trinity community/physical space as a Trustee is greatly appreciated.


  1. Laura Oelofse says

    I wholly support the recognition of Laura McMorris, quietly moving mountains in the background and making Trinity work.

  2. Trinity UMC says

    Amen! :-)

  3. Diane Harvey Anderson says

    I wholeheartedly agree! Just this Sunday, my husband and I were noticing and commenting to each other with admiration that Laura is quietly in the background making things happen. Thank you, Laura!

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