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“One Peace at a Time”, Turk Pipken’s New Nobelity Project Film

In a letter from Tom Spencer, CEO of AAIM:

One of the things that makes Austin such a special place is that it is filled with remarkable individuals engaged in the sacred work of healing the world.  Some do this through extraordinary volunteer service, others by utilizing their unique, creative talents.

One person who has turned his creative talent into a life-changing force for healing is Turk Pipkin.  For those of us who “grew up” in Austin over the past thirty years, Turk is an old friend.  An author, multi-talented performer, photographer, and film director, Turk launched the Nobelity Project as a way to direct the attention of world leaders to the pressing needs of mankind.

AAIM (Austin Area Interreligious Ministries) would like to invite our friends to a special screening of Turk’s latest Nobelity Project film, One Peace at a Time.  Filmed in 20 countries on 5 continents, One Peace at a Time looks at the possibility of providing basic rights to every child: food, water, shelter, opportunity, and peace.

The film opens Saturday, December 5th at the Arbor Cinema (9828 Great Hills Tr.).  Following the 7 PM screening on Sunday, December 6th, I will join Turk Pipkin for a brief Q&A session.  Additional screenings will take place December 4-8.  Please come out to support this film which is so beautifully aligned with AAIM’s mission of lifting up the voiceless and vulnerable of the world.

In peace,

Tom Spencer

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