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Raindrop Center

From Trinity member Kathleen Strong:

Trinity was introduced to the Raindrop Turkish Cultural Center by three of its members who spoke at our weekend retreat on Islam and then invited us to a meal at the Center. The purpose of the Raindrop Center is to promote better understanding between Middle Eastern and American people by teaching about Turkish culture.

This semester Raindrop is offering a Turkish cooking class through ACC.  Students of the class will learn to cook dishes from different regions of Turkey and will have the opportunity to taste dishes prepared by the instructor.

Turkish cuisine is very rich, blending three regional cuisines: Mediterranean, with dishes such as seafood, vegetables, & olive-based foods; Middle Eastern regional specialties of meat, kebabs, and pistachio-based dough desserts; and anchovy and corn-based northern coast specialties.

The classes meet from 6-9 PM every other Thursday night from February 4 – May 6.  The tuition is $120 for 21 hours of class.  For more information, visit the culinary arts classes section of the Austin Community College website (

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