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The Courage of Your Convictions

Sid is starting a new sermon series for the New Year that will explore in-depth some of the themes in George Ricker’s book, “What You Don’t Have To Believe To Be A Christian.” The series is called “The Courage of Your Convictions” and begins today, Sunday, January 10th. This is not an effort to debunk these ideas, acknowledging that people within the Trinity community may believe any one or more of these concepts. Rather, it is an effort to explore how being Christian is not dependent on any one of these beliefs and that the underlying ideas behind each of them still have validity for our lives today. Some of the subjects we will explore include:

  • The Bible as the Word of God
  • Adam and Eve, God Speaking
  • Miracles
  • Angels
  • Virgin Birth
  • The Blood Atonement of Jesus
  • The Physical Resurrection and Ascension
  • Jesus’ Return and Apocalyptic Last Days
  • Life After Death
  • Satan.

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