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Wednesday Night Alive Session Begins This Wednesday, January 20th!

Classes begin next Wednesday, January 20th, so be sure to register ASAP!  We have another great line-up for you this session:

  • The Psalms and the New Age: This class, taught by Sid, will explore 4 unique Psalms from the Hebrew Scriptures and place them in the context of the Native American Medicine Wheel. We will explore the four energies of the medicine wheel of Visionary, Warrior, Teacher, and Healer.  We will explore the historical meaning of four pivotal Psalms that still have much to teach us about living a balanced life in the modern world, a life that honors the four-fold paths of the medicine wheel.  We will make use of music, discussion, the bible, and creation spirituality.
  • Claiming the Promise:  Trinity is once again offering a class on the ground-breaking curriculum on the Bible and homosexuality developed by Mary Jo Osterman and the Reconciling Ministries Network called Claiming the Promise.  Do you want to know what the best biblical scholarship says about the references to homosexuality? Are you trying to find ways that you can participate in Trinity’s witness to the larger United Methodist Church and to society in general to move beyond debates and toward affirmation, welcome, and reconciliation?  If you are gay, do you want to discover new ways to see yourself as God’s promise of love and beauty? If you are straight, do you desire to find new ways to be a strong ally to your lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender friends and family members?  If so, this five session class is for you.
  • Devoted Bodies:  The Devoted Bodies class will provide a framework of education, support, and accountability to help you experience lasting breakthroughs in your health. As you begin to choose healthier, more preferable ways, you will feel better, look better, get sick less, have fewer aches and pains and less fatigue. You can also achieve your ideal weight without ever being hungry or counting.  You’ll learn… …why you eat what you eat … what’s really in the foods you buy… which sweeteners are safest… what fats to avoid if you’ve had prostate cancer…

You will find information and sign-up forms near the bulletins this Sunday (January 10th), so be sure to sign up!  Don’t forget to order your meals in advance for the best deal.

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