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League of Women Voters – TX Voters Guides and YouTube

Celebrate 90 years of the League of Women Voters Making Democracy Work.  Visit the LWV-TX website to view the nonpartisan League Voters Guide in English or in Spanish for the March 2 Primary Elections.  Local races may be posted on the local League’s page on this website.  Early voting is February 16-26.  Polls are open on Election Day from 7am to 7pm.

Watch the YouTube video “Don’t Wait…VOTE!”


Help us spread the word; forward this email to encourage others to cast an informed ballot in the March Primaries.

The Primaries matter.  The choices voters will have for state and county offices in the November General Election are determined in the March 2 Primaries, at least as far as Democratic and Republican nominees are concerned. In some races, the winner of the March 2 primary may be uncontested in the November General Election.

Karen Nicholson
President, LWV-Texas

Helpful information for Texas voters

Helpful information on elections in other states

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