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Thanks From Hope Food Pantry Austin

Dear Sid:

On behalf of the Hope Food Pantry Austin Advisory Board, please share our gratitude to the Trinity members for the basket collections of 2009, totaling $693.56.

Because of your members generosity, Hope Food Pantry Austin (Hope) was able to:

  1. increase the number of families served from 40 to 50 per week.  Although our limited resources haven’t changed, as a result of your donation and volunteers working harder each week, Hope is able to provide 10 more families with groceries per week.
  2. start a “turn away” program providing a small bag of groceries for those we could not serve. The need for food is greater than our resources, but our volunteers refused to turn away our neighbors
    empty handed. For that reason we started the “turn away” program of supplying everyone with a small bag of food.
  3. distribute food to 9560 individuals, of those about half were children. That is 1,716 more than in 2008. Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more families in the Austin community lean on Hope Food Pantry Austin to supply them with a basic necessity: food.

Trinity UMC is the cornerstone of Hope. Coupled with the Capital Area Food Bank’s (CAFB) partnership, Hope’s donations are hard at work. For every $1 can of food purchased at the grocery store, Hope can purchase about eight cans of food at CAFB. In addition, your continued food drives help fill our pantry with items we are not able to receive from CAFB due to the city-wide demand.

Thank you for your generous partnership towards ending hunger in our community.


Stephanie Humphreys
Executive Director

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