Save The Dates: Church-Wide Meetings Regarding Our Potential Move on 3/21 and 3/25

We have two very important upcoming meetings for you to put on your calendar.  On Sunday, March 21st, we invite all of you to meet with us here at 2 PM for a Q&A session regarding our potential move to 4001 Speedway (currently Hyde Park UMC.)  This is the opportunity for you to ask questions and express concerns so that you may feel prepared to vote.  On Thursday, March 25th, Bobbi Kaye (District Superintendent) will lead our Church Conference here at 7 PM.  This is when all members can vote whether or not he or she wishes Trinity to move to the new Speedway location.  If you would like to become a member before March 25th in order to be able to cast your vote, please see Sid.


  1. Eddie Edwards says

    Will you be posting times this week (hopefully after work hours) that groups can get together to tour the potential facility? Hope so!

  2. Chuck Ragland says

    ~ Cross-posting this from my post on Facebook ~

    On the subject pf the possible move, please tell us more about it so we can be better prepared to ask (hopefully) intelligent questions at the Q&A on the 21st? Answering as expected questions beforehand will give us more time to think & talk about it before we vote.

    I attended the 11am service at Hyde Park UMC after our 9:15 service & Social Justice class on Sunday. It’s very nice & the sanctuary is lovely. The faciliities look like they would serve TUMC’s needs welll into the future and enable us to be of greater service to the community.

    BTW, I spoke briefly with The Rev. Kathryn McNeely, interim pastor, and a few other members of the congregation. They all talked about it as though it was a ‘done deal’ & we were definitely coming. … See More

    The only concern I heard came from a woman named Wanda. She wanted tio know if we are going to serve the homeless a free hot breakfast & lunch there every Sunday as she and her husband have done for many years. Actually, the congregration & visitors are welcome. I didn’t stay but one of their guests gave me an impromptu testimonial as to how that program transformed his life from a dumpster to apartment. Very impressive!

    I’m looking forward to learning more about the opportunities & challenges that a move there would bring into our lives & that of our church.

    For those who are intrested, here’s the link to their very nice website: http://www.hydeparkmethodist.org/


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