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Pastors for Peace 21st Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba

From Pastor’s of Peace:

July 3 – August 3, 2010

Many of us hoped that President Obama’s election would bring about some changes in many aspects of  US policy — including the ending of the illegal, immoral, and internationally condemned US economic blockade against Cuba. By now, a year has passed: but the fundamental mechanisms of the blockade remain in full force, with just a few small exceptions. Cuban-Americans are now allowed to more freely visit their families, several cultural exchanges have been allowed, and some bilateral talks have resumed.

But Cuba is still deemed an ‘enemy’ under the Trading with the Enemies Act. Sales of US products to Cuba are still severely restricted, and sales of Cuban products to the US are absolutely forbidden. Banks and businesses in other countries are still harassed for doing business with Cuba. The travel ban on US citizens visiting Cuba remains.

This cruel and immoral blockade has been in place almost 50 years, and has outlasted 10 US presidents.

WE HAVE TO STEP UP THE PRESSURE to guarantee that it finally will end under the current president.

Cuba is still, outrageously, on the list of nations that supposedly sponsor terrorism. Meanwhile, bills in Congress to ease restrictions on travel to Cuba have stalled. NOW is the time to completely end the blockade, the travel ban, and all the measures aimed at starving the Cuban people into submission and overthrowing their government. Our US/Cuba Friendshipment Caravan is one of our ways of demonstrating that we will no longer tolerate this cruel blockade!

In July 2010 our caravan will travel in school buses, trucks and cars along 13 different routes, visiting 130 US and Canadian cities. At every stop we will educate people about the blockade while collecting construction supplies and tools, medical supplies and equipment, educational and cultural supplies, to be donated to our sisters and brothers in Cuba.

From Texas we will travel to Cuba via Mexico, without asking for or accepting a US government license, as a disciplined collective challenge to the blockade and travel ban, and as ambassadors for a ‘people-to-people’ foreign policy based in mutual respect. When we return to the US, we will proudly declare our travel to Cuba and our opposition to the immoral blockade.

  • provides free healthcare for all its citizens
  • has become a pioneer in organic agriculture and sustainable development
  • is training thousands of young people from  poor communities around the world including  122  from the US!) to be doctors, completely free of charge, at the internationally acclaimed Latin American School of Medicine
  • offers protection to all its people when natural or man-made disasters (hurricanes or international economic crises) hit the island
  • has sent hundreds of doctors to save lives in Haiti — not just since the earthquake, but for  10 years prior
  • has one of the most artistically talented societies in the world

Caravan Schedule

JULY 3 – 17
Caravan routes — educational events and aid collections in the US & Canada.

JULY 18 – 20
Participant orientation in Texas.

JULY 21 – 22
Border crossing into Mexico —travel to Tampico — load material aid onto cargo ship.

Fly to Havana  — educational program in Cuba.

Return to Tampico — travel to Mexico/US border.

Reverse Challenge cross back into the US.

Participants with skills in construction, organic gardening or mural painting will be able to work alongside Cuban counterparts for a couple of days, interchanging knowledge, skills and perspectives.

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