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What Do You Believe?

I am trying to come up with some ads for Trinity that help folks get to know a little bit about who we are.  In order to do this, I would love to have input from you about what you believe – about God, about relationships, about life… whatever is important to you.  I will have a bulletin board up in the Fellowship Hall this Sunday and little cards for you to use to post sentences that start with “I believe” (it can be anonymous if you like; feel free to post as few or as many as you like!)  I think that it will be neat to be able to see all of the diversity that makes up Trinity AND it will help me with the ads that I am creating. :)  Some examples are:

  • I believe that I am successful when I have a big impact on the lives of others and a small one on the environment.
  • I believe that the world is a beautiful place because it is diverse, made up of opinions, practices, and lifestyles that differ from my own.

Please feel free to email me your thoughts if you aren’t going to be around to post on the board – Thanks! ~Amy

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