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Heartfelt Thank-You From AGLIPF

To the Congregation at Trinity United Methodist Church:

I write you with a humbled heart, filled with gratitude. Your contribution to Austin Pride was generous, unexpected, and uplifting. Thank you so much for remembering us and recognizing the work we do.

When support for an LGBT organization comes from an unlikely place, it makes a very powerful statement. I say unlikely because of my own person experience with church. On a personal level, Pride 2010 challenged my way of thinking because of the sources of support the event received. Nearly 10% of participating vendors represented faith-based organizations, yours included. Our parade this year included six, and our festival had representation from nine faith-based groups. Groups of people who are making a difference and setting an example in our community and beyond.

Too often good people and acts of kindness get drowned out by the negative that exists in the world. Something I’m sure you face every day as a place of worship, and a lesson I learned this year. But even through the ponds of negative, I believe there exist oceans of goodness. I just wish we lived in a world where we focused our attention on the positive as much as we do the negative. There are people wiser than I who would say I should be the change I wish to see in the world. I admire you, Trinity, because you are actively being that change.

Your support has helped our organization, and its symbolism has challenged me, its leader. Thank you for the contribution, the support, and the leadership.

From a heart of gratitude I bid you well,

Chad Peevy
President of the Austin Gay and Lesbian Pride Foundation

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