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Religion Writer Mentions Trinity in the Statesman

One of our special guest speakers, local journalist and religion writer Eileen Flynn, recently wrote a piece for the Austin American Statesman about her experience behind the pulpit at Trinity. Sid commented on the article, saying, “Bravo Eileen! Our folks LOVE you. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and sharing yourself at Trinity while I was on holiday. My only regret is that I didn’t get to hear you myself.” Eileen has been the Religion Writer/Faith Columnist for the Austin American Statesman since 2000 and has been an Adjunct Professor in Journalism and Religion at the University of Texas in Austin since 2007. She spoke at Trinity on August 1st.

“I’m used to talking in objective terms about how a journalist covers religion, the importance of accuracy and balance, the interesting trends and the challenge of covering scandals.

“But in this community’s sacred space during their sacred hour, it seemed appropriate to let my guard down a bit.

“It wasn’t a sermon, and it certainly wasn’t a theology lesson. I didn’t offer any biblical insight, nor did I come anywhere close to the eloquence of Bishop Spong. But I spoke honestly.

“I’m probably better suited to the back pew with my reporter’s pad, but I will now have a deeper appreciation for that person on the other side of the pulpit.”

Read Flynn’s full article at the

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