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Thank you letter from Reconciling Ministries Network

Dear Reconciling Friends:

“What is a church if it can’t be open to everyone? The church is a place where we can share our hurt with each other and help each other.” – Rev. Raymond Hinton, retired United Methodist pastor

Reverend Hinton knows what a church should be like, and so do you. Your congregation’s faithful witness as a Reconciling Congregation in the United Methodist Church clearly proclaims a true welcome for everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity in your church.

Thank you for being a safe place where lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people can share and be shared with, a place where they can be helped and can offer their help to others. Also, thank you for your congregation’s recent gift of $208.40 to Reconciling Ministries Network.

Thanks again for showing your love for all of God’s children in such a practical way.


Rachel Harvey, Deaconess

Associate Executive Director

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