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Lesbian- and Gay-headed Households Needed for UT Research Project

Sarah Wagner is an active participant at United Christian Church, and she is a Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics at the UT.  As part of her doctoral work, she’s conducting a study of what “family” means to lesbian and gay parents.  She has been talking to couples about how they define the word “family,” how they created their own families, and what they think makes a family.  She is trying to put together a “picture” of what family life is like for gay and lesbian parents in Texas. 

If you are interested in talking to Sarah about this project, please email or call her.   The interviews will last for approximately two hours, at a time and place of your choice.  In addition, there will be a demographic questionnaire to fill out.  The interviews and questionnaires are completely confidential, and the research is approved by the University of Texas Institutional Review Board (IRB #2009-10-0066), which oversees all research projects for their safety, confidentiality, and ethical standards.
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Sarah Wagner

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