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MFSA Chapter Meeting – Thursday, October 14

“What is Social Justice?”

Social justice has come under public attack in recent months, with one popular commentator calling it a perversion of the Gospel and encouraging church members to flee their churches if they discover evidence of social justice there. How do we respond to our friends, family, and others in our faith communities when we’re faced with these views?
A presentation entitled “What is Social Justice?” explains social justice and why it’s important to a person of faith. It brings clarity to a topic which can be complex and often misunderstood while delving into the social and theological aspects of this core attribute of Christianity. The presentation also examines the important differences between charity and justice and why both are needed for all God’s people to live to their full potential. “What is Social Justice?” explores the rich history and present-day involvement of the United Methodist Church in some of the most pressing social issues.

This program was developed and will be presented by Kerry Stevens, Chairperson of Bethany UMC’s Church and Society Ministry and a long-time advocate for social justice. The material is designed as a curriculum for Sunday School classes and other interested groups. Designed as two 45 minutes sessions, you may share this material with your adult Sunday School class or others interested in having a clearer understanding of this important topic, after seeing the complete presentation at this MFSA meeting.

Come at 6:30p for snacks and mingling.
The program begins at 7:00.

Join us! Bring a friend!

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