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The 10-Fold Global Movement

Mark your calendar and spread the word! From October 10th through the 19th, there is going to be a 10-day online event that will mobilize passionate people to stand up and be counted for causes they believe in, and you will have a front row seat. It’s called 10-Fold.

Each day will feature a different mission project of the General Board of Global Ministries supported through The Advance, the designated giving arm of The United Methodist Church. Through live webcasts, streaming video, online chats, and other media, you will learn about these amazing ministries that are changing people’s lives.

And by visiting daily and registering your interest, you’ll be able to help secure tangible support for each project. It’s easy. With one click, you can trigger a $1.00 donation each day of 10-Fold, up to $10,000 for each project.

Let your friends and family know how much you care about your cause by becoming a fan on Facebook, RSVP-ing to the 10-Fold event, and by sharing the links and updates on your own profile. You can also follow 10-Fold on Twitter, and every time you tweet, use the trending topic #10fold to join in the worldwide conversation. You can also watch many of their videos on YouTube.

Look behind this cut for the daily schedule of projects and causes in this effort to change lives around the world.

  • October 10: Haiti Recovery – 3,000 humanitarians helping a country rebuild itself
  • October 11: Children’s Health and Wholeness – Transforming communities so that children can live healthy and whole lives
  • October 12: Missionaries in the US – Dedicated men and women living their faith through remarkable service
  • October 13: Missionaries Around the World – Growing a global force for faith and hope in over 60 countries
  • October 14: Training Church Leaders – Training the thousands called to devote their lives to Christ and the Church
  • October 15: Church Planting Worldwide – From Asia to Latin America, introducing the United Methodists
    and sharing the gospel through word and deed
  • October 16: Justice for Our Neighbors – Church-based teams helping refugee-seekers and immigrants
    navigate their way as they start their lives in the United States
  • October 17: Clean Water and Sanitation – Helping families in Africa and South America gain access to
    safe water and sanitation facilities
  • October 18: Healthcare in Africa – Combating disease in 22 hospitals and clinics across Africa
  • October 19: Sustainable Agriculture – Training farmers so rural families and communities can thrive

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