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Children’s Corner – What’s Happening?

Each week from here on out you will receive this new section in your email to update you on what is happening in the Children’s Program.

Last week:

  • Middle School- The students chose people to study for our Peace Makers Project. They started web-based research on their historical figure.
  • 3rd-5th grade- Students imagined peace through their senses. Eva believes that peaces smells, tastes and feels like warm brownies fresh from the oven.  Aaron Strickland finds peace in the air, clouds and wind. Students were encouraged to write or draw their answers before sharing with the class.
  • Kinder-2nd grade- Students explored “The Peace Book” by Todd Parr. They dramatized the book by acting out passages while they read.
  • Pre-K- Children created peace themed art projects. They discussed things that made them feel peaceful, safe and happy while they colored with crayons.

Next Week:

We will be talking about saying goodbye to the building.  All age groups will discuss memories of Trinity. We will talk about how moving from one building to another is similar to going into a new grade in school. All students will participate in a goodbye ritual.
Additionally, the middle school will continue work on their Peace Makers project.

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