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Decorate Trinity for the Holidays – 12/4 at 10am

This is going to be a little strange this year for decorations as we won’t be able to decorate the sanctuary until very close to Christmas Eve.  However, we are going to brighten up the Community Hall a bit and would love your help on Saturday, December 4th at 10am.

If you are interested in coordinating decorating efforts, please let me know at!  It is great if you would like to just help decorate instead, just let me know. :-)  Coordinating involves:

  • Looking at our current decorations and then seeing how they can best fit into our space in a way that doesn’t impede the regular usage of the Community Hall between now and the first week of January;
  • Showing up on the 4th of December to help lead decorating;
  • Helping to come up with a plan for the sanctuary for Christmas Eve that will be implementable in a short amount of time and with what we currently have when possible.

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