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Dr. Seuss Parents Night Out – Jan. 14th 6-10pm

Come Friends 3 – 12 to Parents Night Out
There’s no time for lazing or loafing  about
There are games that are fun
And books that are funny
And snickity snacks to put in your tummy

Just $10 per child, for entertainment wild
And creative crafts that are beautifully styled
Then when we’ve played all night
And are tired out kid-ee-os
We’ll settle down for a G-rated video

Loraxes, Sneeches and Cats all agree
That 4001 Speedway is the place to be.
We’ll dance and laugh, We’ll sing and shout
There’s fun to be had at the Parent’s NIght Out

PNO will be Friday, January 14th from 6:00-10:00pm.  For reservations, please email!

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