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Sid Begins New Preaching Series entitled Rattling Bones: Breathing New Life into Old Testament Myths

In the Sundays of Epiphany—the liturgical season from January 6th through March 8th—Sid will be doing a new preaching series exploring the richness of Old Testament stories, myths, and legends. The Christian Church often writes off the Hebrews as old and outdated, even claiming falsely that the Old Testament is about a God of judgment and the New Testament one of grace. Nothing could be further from the truth: Both are full of judgment and of grace! Many of the well-known stories of the Old Testament are filled with beautiful symbolism, including sex, lies, and videotape (well actually, no videotape). They are myths that still have relevancy in today’s world and touch on archetypal themes that arise in every age. Sid will rattle those old bones and they will dance with meaningfulness, humor, and challenge. Here is his line up of stories:

  • Jan 9: An Intro to the Series & Exploration of the Importance of Old Testament Stories
  • Jan 16: The Story of Cain and Abel
  • Jan 23: The Story of Jacob Wrestling with God
  • Jan 30: The Story of Joseph and his Brothers
  • Feb 6: The Story of the Women Who Saved Moses
  • Feb 13: The Story of Moses and the Burning Bush
  • Feb 20: The Story of Elijah and the Cave
  • Feb 27: The Story of Queen Jezebel
  • Mar 6: The Story of Jeremiah and the Vineyard

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