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What To Do With Item Donations To Trinity

Spring is in the air and we are fast approaching the time when we all get the spring cleaning bug.  Your trash may be Trinity’s treasure, and we are grateful to all the donations we have received over the years.

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that your donations are needed, get where they need to go, and don’t shift from being your trash to Trinity’s… :-)

  • If you are bringing donations solicited by Trinity (i.e. books for a book drive, food for Hope Food Pantry, items for Posada Esperanza, etc.), please leave the items in the appropriate collection receptacles.  If you are unsure where that is, please ask Amy, Trinity’s Administrator.
  • If you have items that have not been solicited:
    • Please know that the thought will always be appreciated, but the items may not be needed at the time.  We have a lot of organizations using our fabulous new facility and don’t have limitless space.    To see if your items are needed and to coordinate a time/place to drop off your donations, please contact:
    • Please DO NOT:
      • Leave items that have not been approved.
      • Leave items that are unlabeled with your name and the name of the person who approved the donation.
    • Unapproved and/or unlabeled items make life complicated.  Please facilitate happiness by following the guidelines above.  :-)

Special note: Drop off of large donations to Hope Food Pantry should be coordinated with Stephanie so that it can be processed appropriately.

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