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Children's Corner

Last Week the children’s department started the new schedule. At 9:30, students learned the value of cooperation through active games. The students were able to preview the Growing Together Wednesday Night Alive class by exploring the gardens that have been started on the playground. They were also able to discuss the upcoming curriculum for this class.

The 10:25 Sunday School class had a special visit by Ms. Kathleen Strong who led the students in an Earth Day activity. They had a discussion about the importance of recycling followed by an activity in which they found the numbers on recyclable materials.  At 11:30, the children’s choir started singing basic notes. They worked on hand signs. They also previewed a couple of the songs we will be singing.
This week the 9:30 class will play games that practice following directions.   The 10:30 Sunday School activities will revolve around Mother’s Day.  At 11:30 Children’s Choir will review “Do Re Mi”, hand signs and “O Sifuni Mungu” We will add some more new songs.

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