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This Week Is Commitment Sunday at Trinity – 5/22

Just about a year ago we started an ambitious task at Trinity:  To raise $250,000 in a capital campaign that would go toward renovations in a building we wouldn’t move into until October 2010. We did that.  Along with the $150,000 in matching funds from the AustinDistrictof the UMC and a 20 year $415,000 loan from the Texas Methodist Foundation, we put together a package that has provided an opportunity to create more room at our table.

Worship in the Community Hall provided 60 more chairs than at our old sanctuary on 50th Street.  We filled those within a few months at our 11:15 service.  Now we have room for 40 more chairs in the new sanctuary and I fully expect to fill them quickly, too.  We are planting dreams. To do so requires each of us to step up—not just on a capital campaign (which you did – thank you! What an amazing journey.)—but in our regular giving toward the on-going operations of Trinity.

We have a pretty trim budget. Almost all the new expense, about 30% more, is allocated toward building maintenance, groundskeeping and utilities. We have a bigger house and more expenses.  Our budget for 2011 is $408,000. If there ever was a time in Trinity’s history to stretch in our personal giving, it is now. If you are already a regular giver, but have not pledged, please consider making a pledge to our Trinity operations. If you already pledge, please consider raising your pledge.  One easy way to think about it is percentage giving.  What percentage of your income do you give to Trinity?  Consider increasing that by a percentage of income, maybe 2% or 3%, whatever you can do. If you have never given to Trinity, consider becoming a pledger and stake a claim on our mission and vision as your own.

This Sunday we will dedicate our pledges at the 9:15 and 11:15am celebrations. If you are unable to attend, please send in your pledge forms to the office next week. We have made more room at the table. Now we are planting dreams that will touch lives, transform hearts, and create new opportunities for justice and compassion for years to come.

See you Sunday.

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