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Thanks From Amigos de las Américas

Dear Sid (and Amy, too!):

All of us with the Austin Chapter of Amigos de las Américas thank you very much for hosting our 2011 Volunteer Training at Trinity United Methodist Church.  Having access to ‘complimentary’, centrally located, perfect-sized spaces for our Volunteer and Parent Training has been a tremendous asset to this year’s effort.  We can’t thank you enough!

As you know from personal experience, the opportunities that Amigos de las Américas provides to high school youth are unparalleled and life-changing and we are thrilled that our Austin Chapter is strong and growing!  Having community-centric partners like TUMC is pivotal and a privelege!

We do hope that we can continue to parner with TUMC when we start up Training for our 2012 Volunteers!  We will be in touch with you early in the Fall to look at calendars and hope that the welcome mat is still available!

Thank you again.

Ann S. Graham, Community Relations, and everyone else involved with Amigos

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