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National Campaign Yields Tree Planting at Garner State Park


Annual Odwalla On-line Campaign Results in Tree Replacement at Popular Park

CONCAN, TX—Thanks to thousands of votes by Texans this past year, Garner State Park is receiving dozens of new, healthy trees from the annual Odwalla plant-a-tree promotional campaign.

Park staff will begin planting 88 Live Oak and Chinquapin Oak and pecan trees Monday and Tuesday, May 16-17, in the Pecan Grove and Oakmont campground section, known as “Old Garner.” All of the soon-to-be-planted trees are native to this region of the Hill country north of Uvalde, TX, and are more than 10 feet tall; each was also purchased from a local business, Dora’s Nursery in Leakey.

Garner State Park remains one of the most visited state parks in Texas each year, and park superintendent Rick Meyers says the trees are a welcome addition to replenish many trees that have been lost in recent decades.

“The majority of trees in Garner were planted by the Civilian Conservation Corp, and those trees are now pretty much at their age limit. We’ve had to take out a bunch of trees for safety reasons, and this gives us a chance to replace some of those,” Meyers said.

Every summer, Odwalla — a juice and nutrition bar manufacturer known for its environmentally friendly focus — hosts a tree-planting campaign on its Web site, and places that receive the most votes are allotted thousands of dollars in donated trees for planting at state parks. This year’s tree-planting effort begins May 30 and runs through the end of the year. Odwalla is donating $100,000 to plant trees in the United States this year. You have a vote in where those trees will be planted! Visit and plant your tree in Texas.

Each tree planted online equals $1 your state will receive to plant real trees in Texas State Parks. Last year you helped raise over $15,000 for trees at Garner State Park. This year’s contest ends when there are 100,000 votes, so place your vote today! Texas ranked fourth in votes last year, being topped out by Maryland, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Let’s put Texas in the top 3 this year!

For more information, contact Garner State Park at (830) 232-6132.

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