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Fall Wednesday Night Class Lineup

Join us starting Wednesday, September 7 for 5 weeks of fellowship and spiritual nourishment!  We have some great classes from which to choose (details below.)

Dinner is at 6:00 pm.  You can order a meal from GoGo Gourmet (see Registration Form), or you can bring your own.  Classes are from 7:00-8:30 pm. Infant and toddler care is provided at no cost, but please reserve your child’s space on the registration  form.

WNA is about fellowship, not fundraising.  If you would like to attend but are unable to pay the full amount, please talk with Sid ( or  Amy (

Please email Amy at if you are able to bring dessert to share for one or more dinners.

Classes and details:

A Matter of Choice: Transcending Limitations by Gilles Namdev Provost, taught with assistance from friends and guest speakers

We all have our story: Where we are from, how we were raised, what happened to us, etc. It isn’t what happens to us that defines us, but it’s how we allow ourselves to experience what happens to us that defines us. Join Gilles to explore:

  • Our stories: who we say we are
  • Sacred writings: who they say we are
  • Different realities
  • The power within
  • The heart – the center of creation:  the dream realized
The Old Testament for Skeptics by Sid Hall

This class will investigate the Old Testament from a skeptical viewpoint in which we will consider the political and social issues that guided the various authors at different times as what we now call the Old Testament was written and established as canon. The first class will consist of a general overview and treatment of the Pentateuch.  Participants will be asked to suggest special topics that might be emphasized in subsequent classes. We hope to have a similar class on the New Testament, if this class is well-received.

The schedule for this class differs somewhat from the others in the Wednesday night lineup.  Please note the schedule:

  • Wednesday, September 7, 14, & 21 from 7 – 8:30pm
  • Saturday, September 24 from 11am – 12:30 pm
  • Wednesday, September 28 and Wednesday, October 5 – NO CLASS

Co-sponsored by Trinity and the Center for Inquiry – Austin

Non-Violent Communication by MaryKay Sexton

This five-week class will be an introduction into the basics of NVC.  You will learn the foundational attitudes behind NVC, the needs and feelings behind our actions, and how NVC perceives and gives empathy.  In a world where blaming others is often the rule, where can we turn to better understand

our brothers and sisters in a way that honors the light in them as well as our own light?  NVC sees people as truly compassionate at heart, but sometimes stuck in learned behaviors that lead to violent ways of communication – either through our words or our actions.   NVC is a means of connecting with ourselves and others at a more meaningful level; it is about a change in our minds and our words.

Mary Kay has been trained in NVC, and has taught workshops to faculty, parents, and students at St. Andrews Episcopal where she works as a Science teacher.   For more information about NVC, go to

 Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Kathleen Strong

Half the Sky by Kristof and WuDunn is a national bestseller about the mistreatment of women in developing countries.  The authors, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters for The New York Times, took the title of their book from a Chinese proverb, “Women hold up half the sky.”  Half the Sky tells the stories of terrible abuses to individual women and the strength and resilience with which they respond.  One reviewer wrote, “the stories will haunt and inspire you.”  The book tells ways to help the women, shedding light on the charities that are the most effective and why they work.   While the stories themselves are disturbing, ultimately they touch your heart and your conscience.  As George Clooney wrote, “I think it’s impossible to stand by and do nothing after reading Half the Sky.”  A goal for the group is to find a simple and affordable way to help one woman change her life for the better.  Note: Book Required

Kids for Peace by Matt Moon

The goal of Kids for Peace is to cultivate every child’s innate ability to foster peace through cross-cultural experiences and hands-on arts, service and environmental projects.  The $10 class fee covers each child’s registration for the Kids for Peace – Austin Chapter.  Every child is welcome regardless of ability to pay fee.

Our Fall 2011 session is 5 weeks long – Sept. 7,  14, 21, & 28 and Oct. 5.

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