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Thank You from UMCOR

Dear Friends in Mission:

Thank you for your gift in support of the following UMCOR projects:

    • Japan Emergency (formerly Pacific Emergency) – $114
    • Spring Storms 2011 – $1,108.60

Because you gave, UMCOR is able to “Be There” and “Be Hope” on your behalf.  UMCOR programs provide food for the hungry, help farmers grow plentiful and nutritious food, and support people left destitute by natural disasters and war.  Your gifts go a long way to bring healing and hope to people in need.  We give thanks for your generosity.

You can find out more about UMCOR’s work by visiting our website at  To receive weekly updates about UMCOR’s work, sign up on our website for the UMCOR Hotline, a weekly email about the latest happenings at UMCOR.

This gift will bring hope to those who need it most.

Grace and Peace,

    • Roland Fernandes, General Treasurer, United Methodist Committee of Relief, General Board of Global Ministries
    • Shawn Bakker, Associate General Secretary, The Advance

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