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When It Rains, It Pours…

Somehow we all missed the animals fleeing in pairs last Sunday, and I’m quite sure there was no ark in the parking lot when I left.  However, one of our fabulous Sextons, Jes,  came in to discover a flood in the Education Wing after we had all gone home.  Due to a clogged line somewhere down the pipes, all the toilets and the shower in that part of the building decided that what goes down must, in this case, come up.  It wasn’t as yucky as it could have been, but it did leave Jes wishing he’d come to work in waders.

Fortunately, it was discovered quickly and professionals were on-site without too much delay.  Everything was cleaned up and taken care of, and now we are moving forward to deal with the aftermath.  Our insurance rep came is covering all of our repair work (over and above our deductible), including the replacement of all of the carpet in the hallways and the nursery, and the flooring in the Social Justice and Meditation rooms.  Though only the Education Wing was affected, the carpet is continuous all the way around by the kitchen, choir room, and Interfaith Chapel, so it will be replaced, as well.

We are looking at staining the concrete in all of those areas, so that the beautiful floors that we have in the Sanctuary and surrounding halls will be seen throughout the building. Whatever the flooring ends up being, we can all look forward to seeing it in the next month or so.  In the meantime, once the carpet and linoleum has all been removed, we will be down to the bare concrete in all of those spaces.

Thank you all for “pardoning our dust” as we we move toward the rainbow at the end of it all. :-)

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