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Thanks for a Wonderful Christmas Banquet!

Thanks to all of you who came out and made our Christmas banquet such a lovely evening!  With all the delicious food, friendly faces, and amazing entertainment, it was a celebration to be remembered.

Special thanks to:

  • Laura McMorris – Behind every great event at Trinity, you will find Laura!
  • Tim Brace and the Celebration Choir – Absolutely beautiful.  Even though you had to follow the Youth. :-)
  • Lauren & Daniel Thompson – What fabulous work you did with the children!
  • Matt Moon & Holly Kozee – I’m still giggling from that skit.
  • Cast and crew of the Youth-itized Christmas Story
  • Sid Hall – Your historical expertise was invaluable to the Youth in their thespian adventure. :-)
  • Sharon Starrett and the Earthbound Choir
  • Stella & Molly – Beautiful violin performance!
  • Santa – I’m so glad Don Hill has your number and talked you into making an appearance.
  • Karon Rilling – Thanks for the beautiful piano music.
  • Everyone who helped set up and clean up, including Judy Mattair, Dianne King, Tom Hansen, Deb Campbell, Emily Albrecht, Kathleen Davis, Sean Duncan (please forgive me if I forgot someone!)
  • All the Table Hosts
  • Tarrytown UMC and their Sextons

If you have pics from the event, please email them to

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