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Trinity’s Christmas Banquet – This Friday, Dec. 9!

Celebrate the season with Trinity this Friday, December 9th from 6-8 pm in the Fellowship Hall at Tarrytown UMC (2601 Exposition Blvd.)  Enjoy good food, good friends, and good entertainment!  The children and youth have some fun things up their sleeves, and the Celebration Choir will sing.  Still need some reasons to attend?

  1. If fuzzy slippers and white clothing after Labor Day are accepted at Trinity, then whatever you happen to be wearing on Friday will be welcomed (smiles encouraged, birthday suits do not qualify as apparel.)
  2. It isn’t cheating if you get it from a store! Heck, many of us still don’t realize that cranberries come in a form other than canned-shaped gelatin… The rest of us are just grateful that we didn’t have to open the can! I promise no one will turn up a nose at anything brought through the door as long as it is infused with love (which can be easily sprinkled on top of store-bought food of any sort.)
  3. I promise you that no other entertainment around Austin can even come close to comparing to the amazing program we have in store for you. Once again, we managed to snap up the premier choir and children’s acting troupe in the nation and scheduled them to perform live for you. Now when people are talking about hip and upcoming artists, you can chime in and show you are on the cutting edge of what is cool around Austin.
  4. Trinity wouldn’t be Trinity without each and every one of you, so how can we have a party without each and every one of you there? We really do hope/pray/beg that you will join us.

P.S. – Don’t forget to get your double “nice” points from Santa! Sign up to be a Table Host.  Email

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