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Children’s and Youth Program Meeting – 2/26 at 10:30 am

Please join us in the Community Hall at 10:30 am on Sunday, February 26th.  As you know, these programs have been in a time of transition over the last year.  We have been blessed to have the amazing volunteer support of some key individuals:

  • Lauren Thompson headed up creating wonderful lesson plans last semester, and Lauren and Daniel both worked with the kids to put on a beautiful children’s program during the Christmas banquet.
  • Matt Moon and Holly Kozee have been working with our middle school and senior high youth during Sunday School every week, and Matt meets with the sr. high youth each Wednesday evening.  Holly and Matt both worked with the all the youth to put on a hilarious skit during the Christmas banquet.
  • Christoph Rimmele has been a dedicated elementary teacher, and is fabulous with the kids.  His dedication has made this time of transition much easier!
  • Jennifer Anderson has dedicated her time and artistic talents and materials to working with the kids on Sundays, as well, and has lent her organizational skills to tackling our supply closets.  Though she is also busy with the choir, she has been able to work with the kids during the early service, and pop in and out during Sunday School and the late service.
  • Lindsey Simmer, a young lady and family friend of Sid’s who lives here in Hyde Park, has been volunteering with the children a couple of times a month.
  • Many other parents have been instrumental in helping by bringing materials and books, volunteering in the classrooms, and contributing ideas and suggestions, including Mariposa McGriffy, Wendy Clark, and Suzy Lima.
  • Several of our youth, including Devon, Esteban, Karima, and Ethan, have assisted in the nursery.
  • Peter Marsh, one of our staff teachers, has also been a key player.  His flexibility and ability to step in wherever needed has been extremely helpful!
  • Emily Summerfield has stepped in on a temporary basis to work with the middle schoolers on Wednesdays, and to sub for Matt and Holly when needed.
  • Sasha Duncan has worked as an assistant teacher, helping Peter with the littlest kiddos.

On Sunday we will be updating you on where things stand with the programs and where they are headed in the immediate future.  We will introduce you to our newest teacher, AnnJeannette Sivilay, who will be working with the elementary kiddos, and talk about the additional staff who will be coming on in the near future.  Finally, we’ll talk about the children’s/youth nurture team.

We hope that you can join us!  As always, there will be Sunday School activities for the kiddos!  Please contact Amy at or 981-7345 if you have any questions before Sunday.

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