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LIVESTRONG Austin – Travel to Trinity This Sunday May Be Impacted – 2/19

Please take a moment and plan out your route for this Sunday!  Included below are helpful notes, and you can find more information at

Special Notes

  • If you have to cross the race course while runners are in the area, do so at a major signalized intersection. These intersections are controlled by Austin Police Department officers who will let traffic cross when gaps between runners appear.
  • Park your car strategically. For example, if you live on a street that is part of the race course, and you anticipate needing to drive, you might consider parking your car on an adjoining street and simply walking across the course to your car when you’re ready to leave.
  • While an intersection is blocked by runners, you may be better off taking a long route around rather than sitting in a long line waiting to be let through.
  • When possible, avoid:
    • Burnett @ Northcross
    • 38th @ Duval
    • 45th @ Duval
    • 45th@ Bull Creek
    • 2222 at Shoal Creek
  • Lamar Blvd. will be open to vehicle traffic.
  • 2222, 45th, and 38th will remain open to traffic in both directions.
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Streets will remain open.
  • All streets east of Brazos St. will be open to traffic. Brazos St. will have three northbound lanes open to vehicle traffic.
  • Mopac is fully accessible from inside the loop by taking Lamar to 29th St/Westover.
  • I-35 is not affected by the race route. If inside the loop, access I-35 at a major signalized intersection (ie: Koenig, 45th, or 38th). Access to I-35 will be fully accessible from Cesar Chavez after 10am.

Zone 5 – Hyde Park/University
This area is bordered by the route, south of 45th and north of MLK

  • This area does see the heaviest impact because at this point in the race, there can be several hours difference between the lead and last runners, disrupting access to the east of the course.
  • Major intersections will be controlled by APD officers, who will let traffic pass through intersections as gaps between runners appear.
  • Those living close enough to the race route, that need to cross the route during the race, are encouraged to park on the east side of the course before the runners come through, and to cross the course on foot when necessary.
  • Cesar Chavez will be reopened after 8:00am. While it’s a detour of several minutes, it would allow access to I-35 and other points east of the last six miles of the course.
  • The affected area of Duval will have one northbound lane open to traffic.
  • Access to Mopac without interruption by the race is available at all times via 29th Street/Westover.
  • Access to 35th from northbound Mopac will be open.
  • Access to 35th from southbound Mopac will be closed.
  • Access to Lamar is available at all times, though the intersection at Northcross/St. Joseph will be interrupted from 8:40am to 12:50pm.

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