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Thanks from ARCH

A Note from ARCH to the Cold Weather Shelters.

Hey there folks,

With this last intense rainstorm it looks like spring is here and here
to stay, so it would seem we’ve reached the end of the cold weather
season for this year.  It was a fairly mild winter (even by Texas
standards), but the coordinators here at the ARCH just wanted to take
a moment to thank you guys and all of your volunteers for all the hard
work you put in.  It’s not easy to set aside a day or more every week,
but you all stuck with it through the whole season, and we’ve heard
nothing but the highest praise from the clients were given the
opportunity to enjoy your hospitality this winter.  Thank you all
again, and we hope you will be willing to open your doors once more
when November rolls around.

Have a great day,

Preston Petty
Keep Austin Housed Case Manager

“Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.”
Front Steps (ARCH)
500 E. 7th St.
Austin, TX  78701
(P.O. Box 2509, Austin, TX  78768)
Front Desk:  512.305.4100

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