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First Sunday Fun for Children & Youth

A great idea came up during our recent children’s & youth meeting, and we are putting it into action!  Parents felt like their kiddos would appreciate having one Sunday a month on which they could count on seeing all of their friends at church, so we are making the first Sunday of each month the Sunday that we all commit to bringing our children and youth for both worship (9:15 OR 11:30 am) and Sunday School (10:30 am.)

Trinity will plan activities that are sure to be exciting and engaging, and the kids will have a much more enjoyable experience sharing it with a bigger group of kids.  We’ll continue having activities and lessons each Sunday, but your kids will know that on the first Sunday they will for sure see all their Trinity friends (and maybe make some new ones!)

We hope to see you for some first Sunday fun on April 1st!  The children will be working on their Peace Packs project, and the youth will be working on Flip Flops for Friends.

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