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Peace Packs for Ethiopian Children

The kids at Trinity have been learning about different cultures, and are getting ready to end the quarter with a Peace Pack project.  We are partnering with our own Laura Still, who grew up here at Trinity and is now an HIV/AIDS specialist and public health advisor in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia.  On April 1st, our kids will be making Peace Packs to send over to a group of kids that Laura is working with, each pack containing school supplies, small gifts, and a note and a wish from the child who made it.  We are gathering supplies for these packs and would appreciate any donations!

Peace Pack supplies:

  • Pens (preferable to pencils)
  • Colored pencils (preferred over crayons which are preferred over markers)
  • Picture books and/or small paper back books
  • Small toys
  • Little candies
  • Soccer related things (the kids love soccer)
  • Plastic jewelry
  • Small pads of paper
  • $ to help ship the packs

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