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New Sermon Series – The Jesus Wars: Sifting through the American Cultural Divide

On the Sundays between April 15th and June 24th Sid, will be exploring the huge cultural and religious divide in this country and within the Christian Church. This 11-part series will address issues like Immigration, Sexuality, the Environment, different concepts of the meaning of Salvation, Separation of Church and State, and many others.  Our culture is greatly divided on most of these issues, and this presidential election is making that divide more visible to each of us.  What do our religious and spiritual convictions have to say about these things?  Are we on an irreparable collision course?  Are there solutions for joining together even as we hold to our own convictions and sacred stories?  Join us on Sunday mornings as we peel back the layers and search for solutions regarding this significant cultural divide that leaves us feeling angry, discouraged, and increasingly exasperated. The Easter season is a time of hope. By exploring these difficult subjects together, we will find hope and possibilities for moving forward even in the midst of the American cultural divide.

  • Apr 15 Setting the Stage (Introduction of series)
  • Apr 22 [Earth Day]   Environment
  • Apr 29  Separation of Church and State
  • May 6  [May Day] Family  (sexuality, gender roles)
  • May 13 [Mother’s Day]  War and Peace
  • May 20  Economics
  • May 27 [Pentecost]  Immigration & Xenophobia
  • Jun 3 Authority
  • Jun 10 [Lay Sunday]  Jimmy Alan Hall (Guest Speaker) – The “Christian” Life
  • Jun 17 (Father’s Day)  Salvation
  • Jun 24 Welfare, Healthcare, & Responsibility for People on the Margins

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