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Witness in Art this Sunday, April 29 – Debra Winegarten

Debra L. Winegarten is author of “There’s Jews in Texas?,” the recent winner of Poetica Magazine’s Chapbook Contest. About the book, a reviewer says “How do we know who we are? When you’re a minority, everyone else likes to define you. When you’re a little Jewish girl in 1960s Dallas, they tell you you’re going to hell, your prayers are better, and you have perfect pitch — and you wonder why they put your locker next to the locker of the only black kid in the class. Debra Winegarten’s poems are sharp, sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, but always on the mark when it comes to our difficult understanding (and self-understanding) of difference.”

Debra reports that her mother once advised her as a writer “not to quit her day job.” “But Mom,” she protested, “I don’t have a day job!” “Then get one,” her mother said. So she did. Now she works for the Department of Astronomy at UT Austin, where she is the First Undersecretary of the American Astronomical Society.

By night, she writes.

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