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New Sunday School Class: “The Happy Heretics”, Begins in June

Who was Jesus?  What did he look like?  Was he really born in December?   What was the Star of Bethlehem?  Why was Jesus killed? What’s the real story of the Holy Grail? Who was Mary Magdalene?  Did she really have a “thing” with Jesus?  Most importantly, are there any objective answers to any of these questions to be found in real science and real history?
Beginning on June 3rd, Russ Harper will begin a new adult Sunday school exploring these and other issues.  The class will begin with the television program Science of the Bible which aired on the National Geographic Channel a few years ago.  Later, we’ll see other television programs from PBS, or read works from biblical historians such as John Dominic Crossan or Bart D. Ehrman.  We’ll learn about biblical archeology.  We’ll read works from early forms of Christianity not found in the Bible, and we’ll see how Christianity spread and developed.  We’ll see how the Bible was formed, and learn about the struggles to have it translated into English.  And we’ll hear all of this from scientific, historical and archeological experts while avoiding supernatural thinking.

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