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Social Justice Sunday School Class Screens “Priceless” – May 6

Please join the Social Justice Sunday School class this Sunday, May 6th at 10:30 AM to view and discuss the documentary, “Priceless.”


How much does it cost to run for a U.S. Senate seat? One million? Two? Four?! Only if you want to lose. It costs considerably more if you want to stand before the crowd, fingers held in a ‘V’ high above your head. The cost of running for office has grown so large that only a tiny sliver of Americans can donate anything significant, let alone run themselves.

PRICELE$$ is a one-hour documentary journey from 4th of July revelry to America’s croplands; from hopeful windfarms to our nation’s capitol in search of some answers. Maybe even a solution. The colorful cast of characters will inform, move, and amuse you. You’ll be privy to personal accounts of lives upended and hear how postal rates cause global warming. You’ll learn the definition of “running clean” and discover the fate of two politicians who actually enjoyed fundraising. Even the third graders in our film know something has to change.

And a citizen movement is afoot to mandate a new electoral system, road-tested in Arizona and Maine. With all the challenges facing our nation today, now is the time for answers. Democracy, after all, is priceless.


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