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Homeless Task Force Picnic – July 8

The Homeless Task Force will provide a picnic to the homeless on Sunday, July 8 and they need some help from the congregation.

They are looking for people to bring…

1. Potato salad
2. Watermelon (cut into quarter round pieces about an inch thick)
3. Bottled water

They have been seeing 120 to 150 homeless people the last couple of months, so please keep that in mind when planning quantities.  The Homeless Task Force will be making hot dogs for the picnic, in addition to having chips, coffee, OJ, milk and the pastries from Whole Foods.

If you are able to bring something, please email Mark Weiler at as they want to keep a tally on what to expect. You  may bring the water before the 8th, anytime 9:30am to 12:30pm Sunday, or 9:30 am to 5:30 pm M-Th (avoid coming between 3-3:45.)  The water will be collected in the Homeless Task Force collection box.

For the potato salad and watermelon, please be at the church no later than 8:00am. You can drive up the alley and come into the kitchen from the back door or you can come to the parking lot and call Mark at 512-657-6996.

In addition to items for this picnic, during the summer we are asking for donations of bottled water and chips. You can bring this during the hours mentioned above and put it in the Homeless Task Force collection box.  They would like to keep this going all summer.

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