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We Gave Them Something to Talk About!

Trinity’s Can I Get A Witness? Recommitment Ceremony

People all over are talking about the Recommitment Ceremony held at Trinity on Sunday evening.  Sid has been flooded with emails and phone calls from folks all over the country, and many people have dropped a note just to say thank you.  So, Trinity family, thank you.

We have had requests for photos of the event from organizations who wish to post articles about the ceremony.  If you have any photos of the event you would be willing to share with the world, please email them to ASAP!

Here are a couple of comments we’ve received and some links to some of the sites who have posted information about our event:

“I just read on facebook under the Believe Out Loud App about your outspoken affirmation of LGBTeople and families. I just want to thank you. It is very hard to go against tradition and denominational tenents. When I came out 9 years ago, I lost my job as a music minister in a conservative church in TX. I knew I would, but it was finally necessary to be open. Since that time, my faith has increased exponentially. I have become an advocate for LGBT Christians in my area in my new home in Kentucky. Your presence and outward sign will be blessed. Again thank you so much for opening your doors to the marginalized and standing firm on Christ’s message of Love.”

“Thank you for this intentional act of lovingkindness. I am a life long Methodist who has grieved over this exclusion for years. Thank you for your statement of solidarity in all the ways you have done that as a congregation – but especially now. May God’s blessings pour over your gathering this evening.”

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