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Upcoming Youth Events: Mural on Wednesday & Qigong on Sunday

Howdy y’all!

Tomorrow is Wednesday and the ACT-ion group of teenagers will be meeting again to work on the mural!

We’re nearly finished with the “All Are Welcome” side of the shed in the parking lot and I’m very excited about completing it! On the long-side of the shed that faces east, we’ve been having some good brainstorming sessions with plans to involve the use of picture frames and collages within them (I spoke with an artist-friend in Seattle about how to weatherproof them).

While in Seattle last week, I went to the main art museum downtown and saw some Australian Aboriginal art whose style we could incorporate for the shed’s east side. Click the above link to see the particular style I think we could emulate — it’s very simple: basically it involves the use of many tiny circles and a handful of colors. The effect is that from a distance, the area looks very textured and it was hard for me to believe that it was just paint.

If the mosquitoes are too bad, we can go inside and working on the collage elements with our plethora of magazines too.

On Sunday, the 9:30 AM (university & high school-aged) & 10:30 AM (middle-school) classes will feature guest teacher Jay Bartlett who will lead the youth in a Qigong workshop as part of our current unit on Meditation-esque religious activity. Hope to see y’all there!

Matt Moon (youth director)

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